Kiwi Compass | What’s your team magic? The team build
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What’s your team magic? The team build

What’s your team magic? The team build

Here at Kiwi Compass, Hunua we are passionate about building strong teams. The thing is it’s about really understanding the person next to you and what motivates them.

The rule to surviving, according to Alex Warriner, outdoor training expert, is to not only understand what the reaction of the person next to you might likely be, but what that reactive behaviour actually actually means. And following on from that what your tolerance of this behaviour might be; the moment when King Kong appears in your head and you are about to blow the fufu valve to tell them WHAT YOU REALLY THINK.

Now the only way to bring about this understanding is to know what motivates that person and what platform, or structure is built around their thought processes.This is where we, as a team of professional team builders, at Kiwi Compass, can help.

We set the scene up for you in this delightful venue, backing up against the Hunua range. We make you play a role, or two with an activity or two, walk the talk around the psychology of motivation and you will experience first hand what influences your actions within the team.

At the day’s end you’ll bask in the sunset at The Wilderness Zone, or Sunset Seat, a stronger team with a greater output and a unique connection between each other and the environment around you.

Kiwi Compass causes adaptation. motivation and mentoring in your team. It’s time to collect the magic.

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