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About Us


Nau mai and welcome. My name is Sally Freebairn and I am the founder of Kiwi Compass. My experience and training brings together health professional, Skill’s Active training as bush leader, conservation studies, psychology, sociology, creative expression in writing, with business skills with a love of the outdoors.
I want you to discover your uniqueness in this world and understand your value as a team member; to discover, to explore and to be curious.
It is with great pleasure I also introduce Jack Holmes as the Personal Trainer on board for the Kiwi Grounding courses.
Jack is a highly trained professional with a Science degree background and life experience to boot. He is the owner of the Perform Fitness gym in Beachlands.
His tenacity to understand people and to follow through with what they need for their physical well being in training, as well as respectfully supporting mental and emotional needs during the times of challenge, leaves him standing out there as a pillar for motivation, for determination, and the attitude of ‘I have you and will not let you go until we understand your aspirations and we are setting the wheels in motion for you to be that person with vibrancy and energy to back those dreams.’ He is beside you all the way driving through the hard yards in order to reach for the next peak in your journey. The best bit though, is the way he makes it an enjoyable experience, encouraging camaraderie and connection in the team. He loves adventure and the outdoors.
Just ask him about his Tibetan mountain experience and he will awe and inspire you.

At Kiwi Compass we want you to challenge the status quo, to discover both your intuition and your leadership. By actively listening to the perspective of others encourages their path and clarifies who we are as individuals, creating a strong team.

I encourage you to take the path less trodden (Robert Frost) and be not afraid of where it will lead.Challenge your team’s thinking and create the flow of change (Czikszentmihaly, 1990) The natural world has a lot to teach us. Creativity and innovation improves in the wild, but we also have our bush-to-door option to bring nature to your door.
We also facilitate TetraMap courses. Follow this link: TetraMap



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The bombardment of technology distractions ends at the gateway to the forest. Pass through the portal and enrich your interest in the outdoors. It’s a forest full of creativeness from which to draw our energy and vitality where we can begin to understand our interconnectedness with each other and the environment around us. Enact the change within the heart of the tree. Kahiwi, the name of our basecamp means tree heart or trunk.

Resilience means defining yourself by bringing

out everything you have stored inside you.

It’s called intuitive uniqueness and is the

gateway to leadership, ownership and freedom.


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