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Picnic Time

Adventure Clue Trail

A fun clue trail great for families (approximately 2 hours plus 1 hour free time)


Picnic and Time-to-Wander Time Pass

Bring a picnic, or just have time to wander. Choose a 3 hour time slot and spend some valuable time out in a beautiful setting on the grounds of Tree Heart Lodge, Hunua


Lagoon Light Experience

The Lagoon Light Experience is opening in January 2024. Bookings prestart November


Family Adventure Package at Tree Heart Park

Embark on a magical journey where time pauses and nature whispers tales of wonder. Welcome to Tree Heart Park, a rustic gem nestled in Hunua, New Zealand, where every path leads to a new discovery.


Romantic Retreat Package for Couples at Tree Heart Park

Rediscover romance in the enchantingly rustic embrace of Tree Heart Park. A sanctuary where time stands still, offering couples a serene escape in the heart of New Zealand’s natural splendour.


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