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Picnic Time

At Tree Heart Park we welcome you to take time out, spend the day with family & friends, try our fun activities, stay late for an awsome Lagoon Light Experience!


We have created a number of packages and tiers, stay for an hour or make it a day:


Tier 0 have no packaged options and allow entry to the park for you to explore, bring your own food and games to make your own.


Tier 1 lets you select from one of our activites or experiences to compliment your entry pass


Tier 2 packages combine multiple activites and experiences, usually include food and other items taking the hassle out of planning your busy day (and represent great value with discounts!)


Tier 3 extended packages are curated experiences that expand your day with an inclusive meal at local eateries and scheduled activities.


Click items below for more information or proceed directly to our booking page



Tier 0 Activities


Picnic and Time-to-Wander Time Pass

Bring a picnic, or just have time to wander. Choose a 3 hour time slot and spend some valuable time out in a beautiful setting on the grounds of Tree Heart Lodge, Hunua



Tier 1 Selections


Adventure Clue Trail

A fun clue trail great for families (approximately 2 hours plus 1 hour free time)


Lagoon Light Experience

The Lagoon Light Experience is opening in September 2024. Bookings prestart now


Tree Heart Park Family Picnic

Gather your loved ones for a day of joy and laughter at Tree Heart Park, a natural paradise perfect for family bonding. This package offers everything needed for a hassle-free picnic amidst the park’s stunning landscapes, complemented by activities that engage both kids and adults alike.



Tier 2 Packages


TREE HEART PACKAGES: Check out our tier 2 simple range of package deals for families and couples!

Packages include one more more activites, food options and great value to extend your day/night experience!



Tier 3 Extended Packages


Family Adventure Package at Tree Heart Park

Embark on a magical journey where time pauses and nature whispers tales of wonder. Welcome to Tree Heart Park, a rustic gem nestled in Hunua, New Zealand, where every path leads to a new discovery.


50 Plus Tourist Package

Step into an evening of enchantment at Tree Heart Park, designed for those who relish serene beauty and creative experiences. This package invites you to unwind in the rustic charm of Hunua, New Zealand, with an elegant dinner and mesmerizing lagoon lights show.


Romantic Retreat Package for Couples at Tree Heart Park

Rediscover romance in the enchantingly rustic embrace of Tree Heart Park. A sanctuary where time stands still, offering couples a serene escape in the heart of New Zealand’s natural splendour.




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