Kiwi Compass | PACKAGE: Tree Heart Park Adventure Clue Trail plus Picnic (Tier 2)
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PACKAGE: Tree Heart Park Adventure Clue Trail plus Picnic (Tier 2)

Enchanted Quest: The Heart Tree Adventure


Embark on a magical journey through Tree Heart Park with our Adventure Clue Trail Package. This immersive experience takes you on a quest to discover the secrets of the Heart Tree, with help from the park’s enchanting characters. Solve puzzles, uncover clues, and interact with the whimsical inhabitants of the park for an unforgettable adventure.




  1. Picnic: Enjoy a delicious family picnic in a beautiful outdoor setting facing the Lagoon of The Star Children. Spread out the picnic rug or use the outdoor table. Pop up the sun umbrella. Ask for a hammock or a lounger for total relaxation. Granny Ma’s hut is open for your use to enjoy a self-service tea and coffee. There is a basket of children’s games available including frisbee.
  2. Adventure Clue Trail Kick-off
    • Details: Your mission: help restore the magic of the Heart Tree by solving clues and puzzles throughout the park.
    • Highlight: It is a value based adventure, interactive and thought provoking. Spend time with Thunder Heart, the dragon and hear his story.
  3. Meet the Characters
    • Duration: The clue trail is self-paced, typically taking 1-2 hours.
    • Details: Along the trail, meet characters like Kawa the kind frog, Polly the mermaid of hidden gems, Slink the honest eel, and Ruru the wise morepork. Each character offers a unique clue or challenge to help you on your quest.
      • Finale: The trail culminates at the Heart Tree, the guardian of the park’s harmony and magic.
      • Receive a Tree Heart Park certificate of achievement for using the values of wisdom, honesty, kindness, friendship and compassion.
  4. Celebration at Candy Lane Café
    • Time: Following the adventure.
    • Details: Conclude your quest with a celebratory visit to Candy Lane Café, where adventurers enjoy complimentary refreshments and treats.
    • Highlight: Share your tales of Tree Heart Park’s magic and mystery. The Tree Heart Park shop is available for gift purchase.


Package Inclusions:


  • A delicious family picnic. Food allergy or preferences available.
  • Tree Heart Park map and clue instructions.
  • Access to the Adventure Clue Trail and all related activities.
  • Commemorative Certificate of achievement for each participant.
  • Refreshments and treats at Candy Lane Café.


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Price: $95/child Accompanying  $55 accompanying adult.


Note: The Adventure Clue Trail is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all ages. Advanced booking is recommended to ensure availability.


Dive into the “Enchanted Quest: The Heart Tree Adventure” at Tree Heart Park for a day of fun, discovery, and magic that will spark the imagination of the young and young at heart alike.