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Romantic Retreat Package

Timeless Love Under the Stars


Description: Rediscover romance in the enchantingly rustic embrace of Tree Heart Park. A sanctuary where time stands still, offering couples a serene escape in the heart of New Zealand’s natural splendour.



  • 2:00 PM: Choose Your Own Adventure
    • Options:
      • Picnic Time Pass: A romantic picnic setup with a basket of gourmet treats. Self-service tea and coffee at Granny Ma’s hut.
      • Wander Pass: Explore the park’s hidden trails and secret spots at your own pace.
      • Hammock Time Pass: Relax in a cozy hammock.
      • Forest Bathing Pass: Revitalise yourself in a secret garden on a lounger set up for you. Choose a magazine and a book to borrow from our collection. Buy one of our Kiwi sugar-free Beverages before you head to the garden, and we will hand you an insulated bag to keep it cold or use Granny Ma’s hut for self-service tea and coffee. Have a wander around the lagoon when you are ready.
    • Duration: 3 hours
  • Dinner at Hunua Falls Cafe
    • Cuisine: A culinary journey featuring exquisite dishes, perfect for a romantic evening.
    • Ambiance: Intimate and serene, with views of the falls under the starlit sky.
  • Lagoon Lights Experience at Te Hapua o Matariki
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Experience: Witness a magical light show over the lagoon, creating a perfect backdrop for a romantic evening.


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Price: $175 per person (Includes main meal at Hunua Falls Café and picnic supplies). Beverages not included.


Transport to and from the café can be booked for $20/person return,


These carefully crafted packages offer unique experiences, blending adventure, romance, and the tranquillity of nature, all set in the picturesque surroundings of Tree Heart Park.


Transport to and from Tree Heart Park can be arranged with an appropriate shuttle price.