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Motivational Mountains







Enlist in our team building and individual development modules. Motivational Mountains programmes are is easy, fun and interactive based on team psychology and motivational models to support your team and individual motivation, improving the connections, the atmosphere and the energy. Add 1,2,or 3 modules in one wow time out for the team day. We tweak our programmes to suit what your team or individual need is. Give time back to create and innovate solutions. 


At Kiwi Compass our aim is to make the day out memorable, empowering positivity and gaining confident control of your future. We know that a “A single individual can influence their team to change the world into a better place.”

We encourage each team member to THINK confidently and competently as an individual and ACT openly, honestly and compassionately with the team.

Interdependence is the key to a successful and healthy outcome

The Motivational Mountains modules gave me a deeper understanding into motivation and the factors that contribute to it. I launched my new business that year and am progressing well on the motivation front. My time at Kiwi Compass’s Motivational Mountain in Hunua was well spent and I so enjoyed the time out in natural surroundings-time to breathe, time to understand, time to think and time to plan the way forward.”
– Patrick Nepe (Southern Welders)


Check the FACCCSSS for you and your team – a sense of Freedom, a sense of Adventure, a sense of Camaraderie, a sense Connection, a sense of Compassion and a strong sense of Successful and Sustainable Survival.


Macey and Sneider (2008) defined engagement in the workplace as


“feelings of persistence, vigor, energy, dedication, absorption, enthusiasm, alertness and pride.”


You can make this your team marker.



Facilitation, team development, personal development for individuals, mentoring, psychology, sociology, health professional, science, business, logistics and skills active training.

Click on the button below to download a copy of Kiwi Compass health and safety, emergency, medical form, directions, and gear list.



We are delighted to announce the introduction of TetraMap programmes from to our facilitation line up

– TetraMap provides a clever framework and strategies to create and maintain high performance teamwork based on values, common goals, commitment and mutual accountability.

Designed by Yoshimi and Jon Brett these modules use nature as a metaphor and are clever, easy to understand and simple to apply to your situation whether individual or team. See numbers and 8 for courses.

TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.




Build Your Team’s Motivational Mountain. Kiwi Compass shows how.


An interactive module, Motivational Mountains starts with the theory, group and pair discussion behind team motivation and team behaviour. It’s followed by an easy, fun shelter build exercise in the outdoors to clearly demonstrate the new knowledge and understanding while bringing about the ah-ha moments; realisation of depth and quality in work when a team operates well together with individual uniqueness and mentorship encouraged. Curiosity and questioning will prompt innovation and creativity. Motivation requires a sense of belonging, an appreciation and trust in individual team members. Teams will look at their futureproofing and creating healthy and aesthetic team environments.


(approx. 5 hours plus 1-2 hours free time to enjoy the trails on the grounds of Tree Heart Park).


2. CROSS-THE-BRIDGE by Kiwi Compass 



This experience makes both team members and team leaders aware of a team member’s value, individual talent, skill, expertise, interests, culture, and character. Cross-the-bridge is a safe platform for team exchange and a chance to express individual and team needs whether resources, expertise, mentorship time, or simple encouragement. Outsource and support teams can be included in this module as a way of building trust, communication, and effective bonding. The second part of this module is expressing HOW the individual team members will use their skills, experience, resources, interests, culture, and character in a current project.


Trust is built in both process and people (Rousseau).

Trust in people depends on three factors:


  • Trust in competence.
  • Social and cultural factors.
  • Understanding team members’ motivations.


(approximately 2 hours module plus 1 hour free time to enjoy the trails of Tree Heart Park).



“A single individual can influence their team to change the world into a better place.” 



3. VOICE FROM THE MIST by Kiwi Compass.


This module encourages individual voice and diverse ideas within a team and identifies the dangers of groupthink. In a creative zone team members have a chance to come forward with their thoughts and to communicate them effectively to other team members- using body language, tone, choosing a method, and providing evidence. How will the team react to an idea? We identify the best method for the team to react to a new idea that is being voiced so each team member is acknowledged, heard correctly, and understood. The team can make it happen.


(2 hours module time plus 1 hour free time)


“Be a voice not an echo”-Albert Einstein


4. Why Are You Like That? by 


This module by has been cleverly created by Yoshimi and Jon Brett using nature as a rich, cross cultural metaphor. tetraMap assists to build a firm foundation for understanding your nature and the nature of others. Diversity, interdependence, synergy and sustainability are core values of programmes. We highly recommend this effective programme for individuals and as the first step. TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.


5. Why are we like that? by 


The nature of Teamwork. This programme skillfully provides the framework and processes to create and maintain a high performance in your team. It brings together the values, common goals. commitment and mutual accountability factors. This effective programme follows on from the Why are we Like that?TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.

6. Why are we doing this? by 


The nature of planning by This programme provides a framework to define goals and create a compelling vision. It serves as a roadmap towards a better future. Give your team the time to plan and strategise. Be clear about your vision forward.TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.

7. Why is the customer like that? by 


The nature of sales and service. This programme ignites a positive approach to sales and service strategies. This is a values based programme to maintain the high performance so your sales team can ensure the team approach is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, friendly and direct.TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.

8. Your Nature my Nature by 


Is an incredibly helpful programme by which celebrates uniqueness within community and educational environments. Strength lies in valuing difference especially within the community and educational settings where you can make a difference with teaching and assisting change.TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in New Zealand and other countries.


9. Team Healthy by Kiwi Compass (2 plus 2 hours).


What aspects influence your teams’ health e.g. the stress balance, the importance of family, self-autonomy, the value of uniqueness, the physical, the dietary, the community, the uplift factor (wairua), and the power of mind health.

Create your own team health module.



10.Team Time Out


(4 hours) Enjoy a half day in the outdoors at Tree Heart Park with your team on pure adventure time. Free morning, or afternoon tea with this option. Enjoy a picnic or adventure clue trail.




11. MIND OVER MOUNTAIN by Kiwi Compass 


To enable the mind

To be always on the positive side of the mountain

To be always moving forward on the path

To be always embracing the challenge of the journey

To be always looking for opportunities to enhance the experience.

Let’s create a plan for self-empowerment and press the inspiration button.

Come with us on this Mind over Mountain Experience facilitated on the grounds of Tree Heart Park.

Step out into your motivation adventure. Give your identity confidence through innovation and planning.


Book now at Mobile: 02102313706 E mail: $195/ person



You can book your team build through this button, or if you want more information on how your team needs might fit this team build with options, BOOK A CALL and we will talk it through from TEAM TANK HQ at Tree Heart Lodge. You can also come and visit to check out the view from our mountain.


An interview with Dave Clarke expresses the dangers of Groupthink and the importance of individual voice. Believe in the art of the possible.

DOWNLOAD RESOURCE NOW-The Art of The Possible-avoid groupthink and embrace unique thought


Don’t forget to enjoy the walks, trails and creative areas while you are here.


Glittery Gump Creek, On the Wild Side, Puriri Lane, The Wilderness Warrior’s Hideout, Totara Lane,  Puriri Lane, Te Hapua o Matariki (Lagoon of The Star Children), The Secret Corridor, Little Maunga, The Hottie Loop, Moonshine Valley, Moonshine Run Crossing, Kohatu waterfall, Hotel Titiwai (Glow worm Hotel), Milly’s field, Catch-the-black-rabbit Hollow and The Wilderness Zone.


Map mini Tree Heart Lodge and Motivational Mountains




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