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Tree Heart Lodge-Hunua

Tree Heart Lodge can be hired in total for your team accommodation needs- the team strategy meet, team time-out, or the team build.

    Tree Heart Lodge in Hunua is located on the edge of the Hunua Regional Park. With 10.6 hectares of native bush it provides a revitalising surround for your team.  As a team strategy meet, workshop, team build, or team time-out venue it is ideally suited with accommodation, seminar area and breakaway group areas both indoors and out. The team accommodation is in three shared rooms of lofty wood. A projector screen, internet and tables in either board room style or class style can assist your needs. The Wilderness Zone is an outstanding outdoor feast area facing the sunset in front of the lodge. Stretch the legs around the pond walk-Te Hapua o Matariki (Lagoon of the Star Children) to see the planting beside the waterways,  or duck into a Secret bush Corridor leading to The Wild Side. At the end of the day sit at Mermaid’s Rest beside the pond, or Sunset Seat to contemplate the day’s events.

    Te Waharoa (the Gateway) at the base of Tree Heart Lodge has a single tent space with basic facilities in an inspiring natural setting beside Glittery Gump Creek.  It is the welcome area to our Team Building before we head to The Place Beyond.




    Please enquire for catering services.




    A revitalisation get away from it all stopover on your way South or to the Coromandel. 40 minutes south east of the airport. Leave the city behind and nestle yourself in the Hunua range. Hear the sound of native birds and take time out to see the sunset, whilst capturing the start of the day with a little magic by watching the mist lift in the valley below. Hunua Falls and walking tracks are 10-15 minutes away and the Maungatawhiri tracks for MTB are 5-10 minutes. Ideal for back packing or bike packing. If you are riding the TA inland route it is a perfect spot to stop between Auckland and Coromandel.

    The Bike Bunker


    It’s just what you need as a stopover on the TA route or even a 2 day trip to the Hunua tracks. Plant the tent on the front lawn and have the most spectacular view, or around the back if you need shelter. Use the bike bunker to set up your primer and chill out with your bike buddy or team. Use the north end Bike Bunker’s bathroom which is open all hours. The details are all there in the shed for your simple stay. $20/person/night.

    Feel free to use the outdoor furniture and to spend time indoors to shelter from the weather. Stop and hang out for a while. Grab the breather and look at the vista…


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